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And the award for World’s Worst Blogger goes to…

Drum roll, please…


Cue the dramatic, celebratory music…

Wait a minute, I think you have to have actually written a blog post in the last year in order to qualify. Darn it, so close!

Well, I’m back! Your least favorite, cheesy, and over the top sarcastic blogger! Thanks to a new computer that actually turns on, is capable of downloading photos, and connects to the interwebs, what a concept!

Here we are planning the next BIG adventure. The Powder Chasing Tour de le West!
mobile office

Our extremely tentative road trip outline looks a little something like this. It follows the Mountain Collective ski pass destinations plus a few others along the way. The mission will be a mix of inbounds skiing (two days at 11 resorts) and backcountry tours (Stoke gets to have some fun, too!).

I look forward to revisiting some of my favorite resorts and exploring many, many new ones. We will be on the road from January through May and are excited to meet up with long lost friends and to make new ones along the way (only if you have flat driveways with free and speedy snow removal services, of course) See you out there the winter!!
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