Hey guys! My name is Ashley but I usually go by my ultra girly nickname Hutch and my pup goes by Stoke.

I grew up in New England and moved out to Lake Tahoe after finishing up college. The plan was to be a “ski bum” for one year before becoming a “real adult” but that started in 2011 and here I am still living the dream.

I’ve devoted countless hours to building my own custom campervan dubbed the Bumble Beast in an effort to get outside and do more of the things I love!

I love to ski, climb, bike, hike, explore, surf, do handstands in strange places, take pictures, eat food, drink beer, yadda yadda yadda, you know all the good stuff!
Also I love dogs, probably more than people, so many of the posts you will see here will probably contain an unnecessary amount of dog pictures ;-)

So stay tuned for epic adventures and updates to the van!

Email: ashley@hutchski.com
Instagram: hutchski

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