Stoke’s first powder day

Gotta love May in Tahoe! Unpredictable weather makes for fun surprise ski days. They say you should wait until your pup is 1 year old before they go skiing but we said screw it one day cant hurt, right? Kirkwood got about 0-8″ of wet, packed snow from the storm which made for a great introduction to powder skiing for the little guy.

An eager Stoke is ready to go!

Here Nacho is teaching Stoke the art of attacking skiers

Our mission took us to the top of chair 10 where we enjoyed a nice break from the weather in the lift shack

Followed by some exploring on the lift towers

Then we skied!

Go Stoke, go! He already knows how to tomahawk!

“Really mom? That’s all you got for me??”

But then the adrenaline wore off and the exhaustion set it

If Stoke can make the hike up to chair 10 followed by an all out sprint to the bottom at the age of 3 and half months I think I’m in trouble! Fully grown Stoke is going to wear me out!

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